Our quality policy :

Our will is to insure the future of our company and increase our customers’ satisfaction, with the guarantee that products and services (deliveries, welcome, commercial following…) answer to your needs and are up to your demands. That’s why our company usually signs up to follow improvement principles in order to develop itself and bolster the quality of products and services acknowledged by our customers.

NF ISO9001 :2008 standard basis, for which we are certified, are fully part of our goal. It includes : Definition and respect of customers’ demands, respect of regulatory and legal requirements and above all organization and strictness.

We are also owner of the NF ROBGAZ standard for 5 seals ranges.

These certifications are the proof of a general rallying, and a desire of a constant progression.

Respect of THE environment is also a major guideline in the growth of our company.

     - 2D optical control machine, driven by PC.
     - Electronic callipers
     - Thickness gauge
     - Control gauge on demand
     - SHORE A Durometer
     - Electronic DIDC Durometer

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